Mobile App Challenge

Mobile technology, like smartphones, is changing the way we live. Apps let us watch videos, share pictures, play games, and even order dinner with a phone.

Engineers are always looking for ways to help people, and mobile technology has given them a whole new set of tools. In this MESA challenge, teams will use MIT App Inventor, a block-based programming language similar to Scratch, to develop an app that can improve people’s lives by addressing a health issue in our society.

Middle School

Theme for 2021–22: Using Mobile Apps to Benefit People: Helping People Stay Healthy

High School

Theme for 2021–22: Using Mobile Apps to Benefit People: Helping

Challenge Components:

The primary focus of this challenge is the mobile app that students design and create.

  • Video-Recorded Presentation and Demonstration: Each team will produce a video-recorded presentation describing their app and their design process.

  • Electronic Informational Brochure: Each team will design an electronic brochure about the app they created.

  • Electronic Display Board: Using PowerPoint, each team will create an electronic display board to showcase their project.

  • App Design and Code Implementation: The code files for the app will be submitted in advance of the competition.

Scoring: All entries will be submitted electronically in February. Projects will be scored by teams of APL staff. Results of the competition will be announced during an awards ceremony in March.

More information:

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